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Why does the Las Casitas' neighborhood have a homeowners' association?

Once the community pool and common area was established a homeowners' association was established to maintain and operate the facility. A board of directors was elected. The Las Casitas BOD oversees the association's rules and responsibilities.

What are the CC&R's the association keeps referring to?

CC&R are the initials for Covenants, Codes and Restrictions. It is the set of by-laws that provides policy and guidance for the homeowners' association board of directors. It also provides guidelines to Las Casitas homeowners regarding their Las Casitas property.

What is the ACC?

ACC stands for Architectural Control Committee. They are residents who volunteer to serve on the committee and are appointed by the Board.

Why do we need the ACC?

It is obvious as you look at the Las Casitas neighborhood homes they are very similar in appearance. All have red tile roofs, light colored stucco exteriors and dark brown doors and trim. This architectural style is considered Spanish style architectural design.

While individuality and personal tastes are important they sometimes are not in keeping with what is best for the community as a whole.

To maintain the integrity of our neighborhood it is important the exterior appearance of the homes be maintained. The ACC exists to ensure homeowners adhere to the guidelines.

It is also important because of the close proximity of the homes. Las Casitas is considered a zero lot line planned unit development. The homes in many cases have one side of the home sitting on the property line of the home next to it. The ACC and the Board review physical improvements homeowners wish to make to assure they do not interfere with the adjoining homes.

Maintaining consistency of stucco, trim and door colors gives the community a more cohesive and neat appearance. If you want to see what a lack of a homeowners's association and ACC can produce visit our sister neighborhood on Los Arboles Way off of Central Avenue.

So if I want to make a physical change to my home I must get permission from the Board and ACC first?

Yes, that is correct.

What do I need to provide to the Board and ACC?

It depends on the complexity of the improvement. If it is an addition to your home you must submit a detailed floor plan like that typically is drawn up by an architect.

If you wish to install a new side fence you must submit some sort of visual of what it will look like and it's physical dimensions.

Anything that changes the physical outside appearance of your home requires you to submit your plan to the ACC and BOD.

Also remember that for many home improvement projects you must also have a building permit from the City of Fremont. Check their website.

Our homeowners' association is a value added benefit to our community. It works to maintain the value of all the homes in our neighborhood, by maintaining its appearance. That helps everyone.