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Closed for the season
Pool reopens May 11, 2019

Board: [email protected]
ACC: [email protected]
Las Casitas Association of Fremont
2443 Abaca Way
Fremont, CA 94539

Phone: 510-657-2961

Board[email protected]
ACC[email protected]
Both[email protected]
Las Casitas association is managed by a volunteer board of directors elected by the members consisting of property owners of the tract. The board of directors is assisted by an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) to ensure that the tract continues to conform to the architectural standards delineated in the CC&Rs of the association. While ACC related messages are best communicated to the ACC, all matters pertaining to the association are appropriate to be directed to the board of directors.

Please note that contacting individual board members or collectively the entire board should only be done by way of an email to [email protected] (preferred) or a phone call to the association number, 510-657-2961. Likewise, the ACC members should only be reached by way of an email to [email protected]

Unless invited to do so, please do not contact individual board members or ACC members using their personal phone lines or by visiting their homes in person. They deserve their privacy. Please be respectful of their dedication in volunteering to serve you, donating their time and effort.

Members of the Board Members of the ACC Other Contributors
Daniel Bai
Don Dukes
Sharon Lynch
Manikandan Ramasamy
Purvi Shah
  Don Dukes
Sharon Lynch
Purvi Shah
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