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About Our Community

The Las Casitas sudivision of houses were developed between 1969 and 1972 and was completed in three phases. The tract has two entries for automobiles - one from Paseo Padre Parkway and the other from Driscoll Road. The first phase started on Gomes Road from Paseo Padre Parkway and after the second phase that included much of Valero Drive houses, the third phase ended with the Joyce Avenue entry from Driscoll Road.

The common area for the houses in the development, which includes a swimming pool and picnic areas, was not built until the first phase of development had completed. As a result, houses in the first phase were occupied without a membership in the homeowners association which includes swimming pool privileges. Later, after the subsequent phases of development progressed and the common area got built, the first phase houses were given a choice to apply for membership in the association. Such membership, once obtained, is irrevocable. Membership was mandatory for the second and third phases, and is also irrevocable. Over the years, some of the houses in the first phase have thus become part of the association. At present, while about 200 houses belong to the Las Casitas tract, 171 houses are members with privileges to the common area.

Membership in the association, in addition to offering the use of the common area, requires of all member properties, conformance to architectural standards. These standards require adherence to the initial design of the whole tract, consistent with the Spanish style of architecture, including specific color schemes for exterior structures like walls, gates, fences, doors etc. Any proposal to change the exterior aspect of a house (be it an addition of a window, room addition, enclosing of open courtyard etc) must be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and the board. Initial inquiry regarding such projects can be sent to [email protected].

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